Club Election Results

Your committee for the 2017-18 period is:

President John Bayliss
Vice President Rod Bew
Secretary Greg Millar
Treasurer Peter Rodgers-Wilson
Committee: Gaven Davis, Colin Dobson, John Feeley, Ron Higgins, Jeff Killeen, Gordon Waddingham
John Bayliss thanked the 2016-17 committee for their efforts and expressed appreciation to the members who stood for office.

Your Session Leaders

The clubs session leaders have donated their time to help you complete your planned activity. However the session leaders have different skills and you should be aware of their skills should you require specific assistance.

Ron Higgins has been the Monday evening session leader for a number of years and has a broad range of skills, although he likes to specialise in wood turning.

Roger Stebbing is an artist whose portraits & landscapes require frames. So he developed his picture frame making skills & is prepared to share them with you on the first Monday evening of each month.

The club is often requested to undertake some specific activity. Dennis Connor always takes the lead in these cases. His general carpentry skills are excellent.

Gordon Waddingham loves to assist members wanting to wood turn. He has a number of projects for beginners that are simple & inexpensive but will assist you in developing your turning skills.

Gaven Davis is a retired chippy who loves woodturning well. If you view his past projects you will be challenged to improve your own skills.

Dennis, Gordon & Gaven are available on Tuesdays. They also have access to jigs that will assist you making some attractive bread boards & trays.

In a past life Rob Oram was a fitter & turner. Rob possesses imagination & initiative and has the innate ability to assist with any project you wish to undertake. At the request of one member wanting to make a jewellery box Rob made available his own router & finger joint jig. So if you want to make a jewellery box then Ron is the person to see on Thursday evenings.

Although Colin Dobson is in his first year as a session leader he gets enjoyment in helping members learn the skills of using the wood turning chisels correctly.

Of course on Wednesdays are toy making days. As many toys need to be mass produced Bert Bartlett is the man to see about making jigs to make your job easier.

The Toy Team

If you visit the clubhouse on a Wednesday you will see plenty of activity. It appears everyone has a task and it is tackled with a smile & enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the year a plan is established considering the most popular toys, the resourcing to make, paint & store the toys before handover in late November.

John Parrent’s past project management skills is tested in bringing this plan together. The success of the quantity & quality of toys delivered over the past couple of years indicates 2017 should be another good year.

WOSP on a Wednesday is not just a toy workshop, it is a social gathering. It is a friendly community which in many ways provides the heart of the club. The attendees represent 20-25% of the club. A large percentage of the toy workforce also supports the Bunnings BBQ’s, the main income of the club. Conversations at mealtime are friendly & energetic. Discussions focus on the best techniques for streamlining production, prototyping new toys and arguing about whose football team was best.

2017 Member Benefits

Club Membership is only $60 per year. In the first year there is a once off administration fee of$45 which includes the provision of your name badge. The cost for participation in the workshop is $4

So after outlining the cost you are likely to incur, the following benefits are available to you.

  • Access to workshop with 8 lathes, 2 Band Saws, a scroll saw, bench saw, crosscut saw, planer, jointer, single & dual drum sander, bench sander, spindle sander, mortise & tenon jig, framing guillotine, a paint spray booth room with spray equipment, numerous handheld power tools. In addition there are hand tools, drill bits & Forstner bits, routers & router benches as well as 5 work benches.
  • Workshop access to 6 sessions per week with an experienced session leader
  • Opportunity to be involved in making toys for charity distribution at Christmas
  • Receive 10 “The Woodpecker” newsletters each year & access to club website
  • Opportunity to participate in club fundraising at Bunnings BBQ’s with other members
  • Availability of small lending library
  • Access to experienced woodturning & wood working mentors
  • Membership open to both men & women
  • Members receive a club card and name badge.

Toy Handover

To most December 3 is just another Saturday but for the club it is a celebratory day as it culminates the completion of almost 700 toys by a group of club volunteers. During the year these volunteers donate each Wednesday to toy manufacture. John Parrent excels in the general organisation while Bert Bartlett ensures there is a jig to simplify the making of any toy.

The toys include rocking swans, prams, bikes, garages, helicopters, ambulances & police cars, fire engines, push carts, ironing boards & irons, wheelbarrows, tool boxes, carousels, trams, ride on trucks, doll cradles, quoits. In addition there will be a number of trick boxes plus naughts & crosses games.

The toy will be donated to representatives from Food for All, Salvation Army, Rye Lions & Westernport Charities who in turn will distribute them to children within the Mornington Peninsula. The function will also be attended by representatives from Bunnings, Bendigo Bank & Hillview Quarries, fantastic supporters of WOSP.

Everyone is welcome to attend the toy handover.

Defibrillator Training

Defibrillator Training by David Gordon
Defibrillator Training by David Gordon

Training was conducted by David Gordon on 10th November at the club. David demonstrated the use of the defibrillator in conjunction with CPR. The members John Parrent, Joe Raulli, Eddie Hunter, Ron Higgins, Dennis Connor, Greg Millar, John Bayliss, Colin Dobson, Gaven Davis & Jeff Killeen attended and were involved in the discussion of various scenarios that could occur within the club. Thank you to Hillview Quarries who generously donated the defibrillator and the expense of the training.

Hillview Quarries Defibrillator Donation

Paul Nites donates WOSP a Defibulator
Paul Nitas donates WOSP a defibrillator

Paul Nitas CEO Hillview Quarries visited the WOSP workshop and presented a defibrillator to President John Bayliss. The joint board of Hillview Quarries and the RE Ross Trust provided the grant for the defibrillator.

President John Bayliss said “That a recent health scare involving a member had put the club on notice that a defibrillator as well as members updating their first aid qualifications was urgently needed”. John also said “That their 85 members would feel a lot more at ease knowing that this life saving device would now be on hand should it be needed”.

In response a gift of a hand turned pen & desk set along with a certificate of appreciation was presented Paul thanking him on behalf of the members.

The woodworkers of the Southern Peninsula conduct a range of woodworking skills to both men & women of all ages at their workshop in Boneo Road. A special group the “Toy makers” spend 12 months crafting and painting toys that number between 800 and 1,000 each year. These toys are then distributed to agencies, Salvos, Westernport Giving Program, Southern Peninsula Food for All, and Good Shepherd Australia.

Photo & story Barry Irving

Picture framing ~ Monday afternoon

Richard Stebbing
Richard Stebbing

The art of making a picture frame is now accessible to all members on a Monday afternoon. To prevent boredom in retirement Rodger Stebbing attended a 2 year Art & Design course. Now Rodger will be available to show you the skills he has subsequently learned.

Rodger has been able to apply some of what he learnt to his other passion “painting”. All paintings need frames and they can be very expensive if professionally done. To allow other painters present their paintings at the last Sorrento Arts Show Rodger made 140 frames.

Rodger prefers to use pine for his frames as that timber is cheaper. He uses his own painting skills to colour the frames where a lot of people would try to enhance the painting with moulded timber. It is possible to use a router to create the mouldings although the other choice is to pay the price & buy moulded timber.

A guillotine for cutting the 450 corners has been donated to the club. Attendees will be shown how to use the guillotine to cut the frame and then to use v nails or biscuits to join the corners. To finish the complete frame Rodger has a special router bit to ensure the backing board is flush with the frame. As an alternative to using the guillotine Rodger is able to demonstrate the use of a mitre cutter on the bench saw. Either way you must be able to set stops to ensure the timber on either side of the frame is the same length.

Rodger does not use glass but if glass is required it can be acquired & cut at Rosebud Glass on the Nepean Highway.

Over the years many of us have collected lots of memorabilia but have not presented or displayed it. At the Monday afternoon class you will be able to learn how to do a frame with a deeper rebate so that your memorabilia can be displayed within.

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